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Magical relaxation stories by Sandra Dennis
'YogaRest for Children' is guided relaxation based on the ancient practice of 'Yoga Nidra' (Yoga Sleep).
Magical stories, breathing techniques, body scanning and imagery are woven together to
calm children and capture their imaginations and hearts.

There are six unique stories to choose from to use daily at home, or at school.
Inspired by the creative minds of many wonderful children, each story offers 'tools' that children 
can use to be more relaxed in their lives.

Play this CD in times of transition, on stressful days, on rainy days,
or simply just for fun...and what a great way to relax before naptime or bedtime.

Your child is encouraged to practice alone or with an adult...yes, adults can also benefit from the enchanting world of 'YogaRest for Children'.
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Sandra Dennis is a long time practioner of yoga and a 500HR Professional Certified Kripalu yoga teacher.  Being a mom and the owner of The Yoga Leaf, a unique family yoga studio, she well understands the challenges of blending work, passion and family. Dedicated to sharing the magic and benefits of yoga with all children, the fusion of Sandra's soothing voice and creative words on this CD is a wonderful way to help chldren and their families cope with the stress of daiy life. 

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